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Mystery Tour (22-01-2010)

Oh what a night - Sian's big 50
The Ravin' Stompers took off on a mystery tour to celebrate Sian's 50th birthday. Oh what a night to remember. We started off, eventually, from Aberystwyth with a few hitches on the way with people missing the bus. Our first stop was at The Aleppo pub at Carno where we picked up Chris and Brian. We had a bus driver who didn't understand the meaning of the word STOP, went flying past the pub and then had to reverse back nearly ending up in the graveyard. Nevertheless, we managed to get in a quick pint before we we're off on our way again to the next stop.
The final stop for the evening was the Monty Club in Newtown. Sian thought it was another quickie but little did she realise that this is where she would be spending her big 50.
Sian would like to thank everybody for their gifts and special thanks to Mai, Chris and Brian for putting on such a fantastic spread and for decorating the room. Special thanks to Heulwen for making my dream come true and arranging for Mark Brown to make a guest appearance and entertaining everybody that night. What more could I ask for!!
If anybody's looking for a fantastic place to hold a party, then the Ravin' Stompers highly recommend the Monty club - just follow the link below to contact Mai and Daf.

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