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Argae Hall January 2010 Social (02-02-2010)

Mike Kelly first social in Powys
The first social of the year that we have attended. How nice it was to see everybody and to catch up what Father Christmas had bought them all. Nice to see Phil and the rest of his gang who made us feel very welcome and thanks for Dave to organising the first social of the year. Hope he'll have many more.
A briliant night with entertainment provided by Mike Kelly, who kept the dance floor full for most of the night. A bit of a disaster though - Mike must have thought that he'd left his deodrant at home because all of a sudden half the room we're putting on their coats and leaving. Then a few more left and that's when we discovered that it wasn't Mike's fault at all but that it was snowing! That left just the Ravin' Stompers and another four to finish the night dancing to Mike's rendition of Best of Friends. Phil felt so sorry for us that he came to join the sorry group, or more to the point Heulwen chased after him and made him dance!

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